Friday, April 20, 2012

Savannah's Salvation...and the Day After...

Yesterday was a big day.
Savannah, our 5-year-old, accepted Jesus into her heart.  

There's no greater joy for a Christian parent than to watch her little one bow her head and profess belief in Jesus as her Savior.
"I believe Jesus died for my sins and I want to pray Him into my heart so I can go to heaven."
Five isn't old enough to fully understand the price of sin.
It's not old enough to deeply grieve her own sin.
But it's old enough to understand that Jesus is God.
That she needs a Savior.
And Jesus is that Savior.

She proudly called Grammy and Papa, Uncle Matty and Aunt Moya. When she saw our friends last night, Beth Anne and Oscar, she boldly declared her decision to them.
"I'm a Christian. I believe in Jesus."
She was so excited.
Every time she recited her news, my heart rejoiced.

We know it's the first of many discussions with her about her faith.
Only time will tell if she truly believes.
If she truly gave her life to Christ yesterday.
Prayerfully, fruit will grow in coming years and affirm that decision.
I pray Savannah Grace's name is written in the Book of Life.

And then comes the day after.
The day after her "salvation."
Perhaps, I relaxed too much.
Perhaps, I was feeling pride as she shared her decision.
Perhaps, telling her preschool teacher that she had become a Christian yesterday was pushing it too far.

Buckling into the car after preschool, she says, "Guess what song I taught my friends today?"
"Oh, I don't know, Savannah. Jesus loves me. I'm in the Lord's Army. Holy, Holy, Holy."

"We're sexy and we know it." Clap, clap, clap, clap.
"We're sexy and we know it." She added a little head wag on that one.

She repeated the song, jiving in her booster seat. Confidently singing as boldly as she had shared her salvation decision. 
Just in case I thought salvation would equal instant holiness...
"We're sexy and we know it" reminded me otherwise.

I managed to squeak out, "Where did you hear that song?"
Now let's add deception to the impure song coming from the back seat.
Tate's 2.
No way.
My teenager smirked in amusement beside me.
He's so dead.

"Let's never, ever, never sing that song again, Savannah. Never, ever, ever."
Imagine the conversations her friends' parents are having tonight about the word "sexy."
I sure hope she didn't tell any of her friends that she accepted Jesus yesterday.
I think we need to wait a little longer to share that news.  

What a reminder that salvation happens once, but sanctification takes a lifetime.

AND what makes me really angry...I've caught myself humming that song all afternoon...
I even did a little dance to it as I cut vegetables...


  1. thanks for this laughter-inducing post. you gotta admit, it's a catchy little tune--especially when you watch the ellen degeneres show with all the people dancing behind unknowing others! ;-)

  2. This really made me giggle :) The part that got to me the most was that you have a teenager in the seat next to you. When did our sweet babies become teenagers? Teenagers that smirk at us, no less.