Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'd Tell Her This

I just thought of what I'd tell that girl.
The girl in the picture from 16 years ago.
The young, hopeful bride.
I'd tell that girl this:

You don't wonder at this moment how this is all going to work.
You don't wonder if you're going to be married 2 years from now or 15 years from now.
You are thinking forever.
But there will come a time when you will question it all.
There will come a time when the vows you are saying today will be the only reason you both stay.
There will be dark nights that you will wonder if you will be married tomorrow...or in a week...or in a year.
Hang on to this: On your 16th wedding anniversary, you will still be married. You will still be loving your husband. He will be talking of a new love for you---a love that wants to look more like how Christ loved the church.
You will make it 16 years.
You will make it 16 years.

That's what I'd tell her.

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