Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dammy's in da bar!

I love baby babble. Noah goes on and on telling us stories...he uses his hands, uses expression in his voice, he pauses for effect, and he even nods to our response. Most of the time we have no idea what he's talking about.

"Miiiilt" can be several things. Did you want "milk"...or are you "mad"...or are you talking about Uncle "Matt"...we don't know. We pretend to know though and we have so much fun interpreting.

Today he started to tell a story that was quite intense.
It ended with "Dammy's in da bar!"

Dammy, huh?
Who's Dammy, Noah?
He giggled. He was probably thinking, "You dopes...why are you talking in baby talk. That's not what I said!" But that is what he said. Over and over and over again.
"Dammy's in da bar."
"Dammy's in da bar."

We broke it down word by word. We skipped "Dammy." We weren't ready to tackle that yet. We got "in." We got "da" is really "the." So, "bar." Does he know what a bar is? Has he snuck out at night and been to a bar? Or "bar" like in gymnastics...that type of a bar?

Ohh....CAR....he means "CAR!" Apparently the "c" sound is hard to make.
So, "Dammy's in the car." What's dammy? His toy? His car seat? No idea.
We sat on that a while.

We were going through some pictures from the lake and Noah points to Papa. "Papa." He's so excited. We were excited that he knew Papa too. "Papa and Dammy." There it is. "Dammy"
Grammy is actually "Dammy."

Why didn't we guess?
"Dammy's in da bar" really means "Grammy's in the car." She wasn't. We looked just to make sure we hadn't left her out there. No Grammy. Noah looked at me and said, "No, Dammy."

Should we change Grammy's name? She already went through a name change once. She started out as Mama Kathy, but Zach pronounced it "Mama CaCa." We tried and tried to get him to say it right, but he just wouldn't. "Mama CaCa" is not the best term of endearment for a first time grandma. So we changed it to Grammy.

Mama CaCa...Dammy....maybe we should have stuck with our original idea "Mama Mia."
I just asked Noah to say "Mia" and he said "Meeeoooow." Great. A cat. I'm not sure my mom loves cats enough to answer to "meeeoooww."

I pointed to Grammy in the picture and said, "Mia." Noah said, "No, Dammy."
"My Dammy." Noah says. "My Dammy."
Oh, we can't change her name. It's Noah's Dammy.
He'll be saying "Grammy" in a few short months and this will be a memory.
I'll ask my mom, but I'm pretty sure she'll let her grandkids call her anything as long as "my" is in front of it.

I'm going to give some serious thought to what I want my grandkids to call me though.

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