Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Consider This...

My friend, Heather, sent me a quote this morning from the book, The Darkness and the Glory, by Greg Harris.

Just in case we think we are above any sin...

Anyone doubting the extent of Satan's power to tempt should consider this: holy angels in God's holy presence, surrounded by the majesty and the glory of the Godhead and their dwelling place, still were deceived by empty promises and enticements from the evil one.

She reminded me that "One third of the angels fell with Satan." ONE THIRD OF THE ANGELS FELL WITH SATAN. They were surrounded by God's holiness and they were still deceived. We are not "safe from temptation."

Our ability to be tempted and to sin should drive us to the foot of the cross in humility.

But by God's grace, go I...

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