Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Always there

They're there.
Listening for that one moment of silence.

And then they pounce. They puncture the silence with their own untold stories. Their conversations that have yet to be heard.

Heaven help us if there is a second of silence in this house.

Chatter. Constant buzzing. Continual hum of a family. I love it. I wouldn't trade it.
But today, I want just a second. Just a moment of silence.

I sneak away. No one seems to notice.
The bathroom.
I don't even have to go, but I just need to hear "nothing" for a minute.
Quietly, I close the door.
Only a tiny clicking of the latch.
I take a deep breath. One deep breath.

I think I made it.
I listen. It's grown quiet out there. Too quiet.
They're coming.
Someone's coming.

A small knock on the door.
I sort of want to cry.
"Mom," says a sweet little voice.
"Mom, will you listen to my Awanas verses?" she asks.

Nope, not going to listen to your Awanas verses. (Don't worry--I just thought it--really strongly!)
Deep, deep sigh.

"Give me a second and I'll listen to your verses."

"Oh, it's okay," she says, "Take your time. I'll just sit out here and tell you my verses through the door."

And there went my one second of silence.
Verses through the bathroom door.
I guess they'll be a time for quiet later.

Lord, help me to love to listen to my children.
Especially when they are telling me your Word.
But, teach me to teach them how to be silent.
There's a time for that too.
We just don't do that quiet thing well in our family.

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