Sunday, December 11, 2011

Enjoy the Week!

Last night, I loved the Air Force. Loved being a military wife. Loved pilots. Loved America.
What a cool experience to sit with hundreds of the nation's top military performers.
Last night, we were ready to make the sacrifice.

Today, not so cool.
Not ready.
We're down to a week. One week.
I always dread the dread that I feel the week leading up to a deployment.
The week before is worse than the actual leaving.
His list says it all:

Update wills.
Notification update.
Gather insurance/investment papers. Put in one envelope.
Pillowcases with kids pictures.
Pack bags.
Fix downstairs shower.
Have Christmas.
Write notes to kids.
Single dates with each child.
Take Michelle out for coffee.
Ice Skate at Crown Center as a family.
Call parents and grandma.
Learn how to Skype.
Take anti-malaria medicine.

Don't forget to enjoy the week.

Yeah, right.
One thing I've never fully learned as a military wife is how to enjoy the week they are leaving.
I have no idea how to do that.

I could use a little wisdom here, Lord!

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