Sunday, September 25, 2011

Whatever It Takes

I was greatly encouraged by someone I deeply love this week.

Don't you love when the Lord working in someone's life motivates you to re-examine your own self?

We were having a discussion on making changes in life. Getting out of ruts. Growing spiritually. Discontentment in the status quo. We were talking about how sometimes drastic changes are necessary in order for God to work...not always...God can work through anything...but sometimes God leads us to make big changes. Sometimes you know it's God working when you are led down a path that you wouldn't choose in your own flesh.

Here's what challenged me. He said, "I'm willing now. Whatever it takes, Lord, to grow us, we're willing."


I thought many times this week, could I say that? Could I say to the Lord, "Whatever it takes...I'm willing."

Could I say, "Whatever is keeping me from you, Lord, help me change it. I want you more. I want you more than anything else in my life."

Hmmm...I'm challenged.

Here's the other wisdom I gained from this same conversation. We were talking about the exciting, "cool" life they live. Nothing necessarily sinful about the life, just faster paced. Here's the comment, "Maybe we're discontent in the 'cool.'" Discontent in the "cool"? I love it.

Wow. That has to be from God. To recognize discontentment in the midst of great abundance is straight from the Holy Spirit. Most of the time, we continually follow the lust for "more" and "more" never recognizing that it will never fill the void. If we only had this...if we only did that...if we only were able to... Even things that seem "exciting" on the outside promise to leave us empty if the pursuit is not for God Himself. That's a promise.

I love being challenged by those I love...even when they don't intend to challenge me.
I love watching the Lord stir lives.

Whatever it takes, Lord, whatever it takes.

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