Sunday, June 12, 2011


I'm reading Bringing Up Boys by James Dobson with a group of friends this summer. (Great book. Everyone with boys should read it.) Why is it that all of these books that should be so encouraging simply make me feel like a complete failure? I'm pretty sure that I'm not equip to raise children. In light of the great advice in this book, I'm consumed with the overwhelming truth that I'M IN OVER MY HEAD. Maybe this is why my bookshelves are lined with books on raising children and marriage. Books that have been started but not finished. Books that hit a little too close to home so they were closed before they induced any great application. There's something about me that makes me wallow in self-doubt when I read good advice. Why can't I just take it and apply it? I have plenty of time with my children to make some adjustments. It's not too late. And I don't do everything completely wrong. I do feed them. I do talk to them. Maybe I'm too lazy to change my parenting. Maybe I'm a creature of habit. Maybe I already doubt everything I do as a parent so I don't like reading confirmation that I really am not doing the best I could be doing. Maybe I need to stop analyzing and finish reading the book. It's a good thing I'm reading this book with friends this would be back on my shelf if I wasn't.

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