Monday, June 13, 2011


Two things I love: naked babies and bubble baths.
Why not combine the two and take a bubble bath with my naked baby?
I love those chubby legs. The joy of little hands splashing in the water. The startled blinking of his eyes as water is dumped over his head. I love it.
I decided to be efficient and take a bubble bath with my little munchkin. Why not? I love both. I'll bathe...he'll bathe...and we both go to bed clean and happy.

The bubbles poured out of the tub. I got a little carried away with the Dora the Explorer bubble bath and underestimated it's ability to sud. He loved it. Bubbles almost covered his head. I made a Santa Claus beard on his face. I mohawked his hair. He stayed in the bath with me until his little toes were pruney. As the bubbles started to subside, we lifted the drain and got out blissfully happy. I'm pretty sure he's going to want to take a bath with me every time.

Rocking him to sleep took only a couple seconds after such a relaxing bath. I lay my sweet, sleepy little one in his crib and thanked God for the precious moments I had shared only with him. What a perfect night.

Brushing my teeth, something caught my eye among the receding bubbles. What was that in the bottom of the tub? It couldn't be. He betrayed me. As we were enjoying my bubbles, he would dare do such a thing behind my back.

A foot long brown poop. Still solid, yet growing soggier by the minute. Had he pooped the moment his buns touched the bubbles or had he waited until the end? It was impossible to tell. I thought back to our time together and couldn't remember any second that he let on what he was really up to beneath those bubbles. He could have warned me.

Some people might have taken a quick shower to rinse off. Not me. I hopped into bed and curled up next to my husband.
"Yummm....your hair smells good," he says.
"I used a different shampoo." And we both fell sound asleep.
Don't tell.
I did shower the next morning, though.

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