Sunday, August 28, 2011

The State of Our Heart

Our pastor said something that struck a chord with me today.

"What is the trajectory of your behavior suggesting about the state of your heart?"

This afternoon I spent some time thinking about my behavior, my obedience to the Lord, and the way I spend my days.

I had an imaginary discussion with my pastor as I was taking a walk this afternoon.

"Pastor Brett, let me tell you about the way I spend my days."

I imagined him saying to me, "If you tell me how you spend your day, I'll tell you who and what you love."

(I think he would say that...although I shouldn't put it in quotes because it was an imaginary conversation.)

I heard that said about finances many years ago. Tell me where you spend your money and I'll tell you where your heart is.

I'm sure it's also been said in relation to how we spend our time and the things that we pursue.

We can say whatever we want about the status of our hearts. Let's not fool ourselves though with words. Our time, our behavior, and our money are spent on the things that truly reign supreme in our hearts.

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